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WPC, WA Asians for Equity, Center for Latino Leadership fight CRT in WA schools

Parents, you are not alone in the fight against Critical Race Theory being pushed in our schools. Don’t let them bully and intimidate you into silence. This is not the way forward.

You too can write Governor Inslee and ask him not to sign these harmful Bills into law.

WPC, WA Asians for Equity, Center for Latino Leadership--all good groups, fighting the good fight for schools and school kids in this state. "Critical Race Theory" is a corrosive, divisive cancer on our schools, K-12 and Higher Ed. Its underlying ethic is that two wrongs make a right. And its supporters can't defend this poison rationally, so they just caterwaul with crocodile tears. This letter is being published in newspapers across the state, including in The Seattle Times, The Spokesman Review, The Columbian, The Everett Herald, The Bellingham Herald, The News Tribune of Tacoma, The Olympian, The Tri-City Herald, and The Yakima Herald Republic. Cheers to the signers of the letter for standing against destructive irrationality.

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