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Fighting to Stop Triple-X Ed

Oct 10th, 2020

When Washington lawmakers considered requiring similar instruction in schools, they received 21,000 calls in opposition to it, according to a public records request Heine-Withee obtained. At one committee hearing, more than 600 parents showed up to oppose the bill. “I read the bill, and then I read everything the bill doesn’t tell you,” said Whitney Holz, a mother of two young boys who also runs Informed Parents of Washington. “Most parents will agree this is not age-appropriate.”


To Keep Local Control on Sex Ed, Reject R-90

Oct 9th, 2020

“As a school board member, it is just more loss of local control, in what has been a steady erosion,” Fenn told me recently. “If we just taught some basic biology, wouldn’t we cover what needs to be covered at school?”

According to the law that’s now up for the referendum vote, schools would need to go far beyond that. 

Our state has 127 “sexual health core ideas” (you can read them at Senate Bill 5395, as requested by Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, passed on a party-line vote by the Democratic majority in the Legislature, and signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee, requires that “comprehensive sexual health education must be consistent with” these standards. 


WA First State to Vote on Sex Ed

Oct 6th, 2020

Wirth says the "curriculum has been essentially written by some unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats within our central office of the superintendent of public instruction in Olympia."

This is a chance to kill a bill that will harm children, while driving a wedge between the parent and the child, in many cases, and to indoctrinate children toward a secular world view.


North Snohomish News Sep 4th, 2020

“Volunteers from every corner of our state collected 264,000 signatures, shattering the state referendum record in just seven weeks during the COVID lockdown to try and overturn the law,” Wendt told North Snohomish News. “Parents are that upset. The bill was passed under pressure from powerful lobbies and activists. Those activists will now have access to children all the way down to elementary school. They can then promote their 'sexualizing' agenda while circumventing the parents.”

Daily Citiczen Snip CoverR90.JPG

Daily Citizen Jun 4th, 2020

"Parents and other concerned citizens were unhappy with the bill mandating CSE for a number of reasons. Many of them want more local and parental control, rather than state mandates. Parents were upset that CSE typically emphasizes “sexual expression, sexual fulfillment and sexual pleasure,” a philosophy of sexuality that is in opposition to traditional values and is a huge departure from teaching about reproduction."


Tacoma News Tribune

June 21, 2020

"A referendum to repeal a law mandating sex education in schools had garnered more than 264,000 verified signatures — more than twice the needed amount, according to the Secretary of State’s Office’s online counter.

In order to get a measure on the ballot, the campaign needs at least 129,811 valid signatures.

Those pushing to repeal the sex- ed law say the curriculum is “too much, too soon” for students, and parents should have more of a say in when a child learns about sexual health."


The Christian Post

June 13th, 2020

"In March, Informed Parents of Washington — a parents' organization formed to resist the sex-ed bill — shared explicit content found on the Scarleteen website that was approved by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for 10th-grade students. A post from the website features a question from a self-described "deviant" who said he wants his sex partners to experiment with extreme violence beyond choking and asks for advice on how to convince people to participate. 

Despite the controversies surrounding the sex-ed programs, Democrat legislators have defended it, saying it's necessary to teach children about safe sex and safety measures."


The Daily Chronicle

Feb 28th, 2020

The bill, part of a national “comprehensive sexual health education” program (known as CSE or CSHE) is being pushed by Planned Parenthood. It aims to normalize discussions about sex and sexuality, starting in the classroom. Regardless of parental and community values, the bill takes as a given that all children, with a 13-year-plan starting in elementary school, need to discuss sexuality, gender theory and fluidity, the mechanics of sex, consent, and the pleasurable aspects of sexual expression.


Tacoma News Tribune

Feb 27th, 2020

“There’s a huge push-back on teaching sexual education curriculum in kindergarten. There’s only one approved curriculum on [the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction] website and I wouldn’t want my children or grandchildren to be taught that,” she said.


The Christian Post

Feb 14th, 2020

"When I looked at the curriculum, I'd be happy to read some of this stuff, but I will tell you I know that the chair would gavel me because it is completely inappropriate for me to say here. And I think that if it is inappropriate for me to say on the dais, I don't think that's something that I would want to teach a kindergartner," said Rep. Michelle Caldier (R) to John Sattgast during a radio report



Feb 1st, 2020

Informed Parents of Washington, a group that describes itself as “a coalition of parents dedicated to fighting Comprehensive Sexxx [sic] Education in our schools and legislation that imposes upon parental rights,” is warning parents about the dangers of the legislation.

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