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See examples of what the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has reviewed and approved for use in every public school classroom in the state!

Download reviewed lesson plans below

We're Being Threatened for a Copyright Infringement

We posted 14 out of 485 pages of this curriculum and are being threatened with a copyright lawsuit.  We are fighting back!


3R's 5th-8th Grade Examples

Here are examples from the Advocates For Youth 3R's curriculum grades  5-8.


Our Whole Lives Examples Grades 7-9

Here are examples of the "Our Whole Lives" curriculum.  Grades 7-9


Curriculum Mashup

Here are examples from multiple approved curricula covering all grades.


3R's 9th-12th Grade Examples

Here are examples from the Advocates For Youth 3R's curriculum, grades 9-12,


3R's K-4 Examples

Here are examples from Advocates for Youth 3R's curriculum grades K-4.


FLASH Curriculum Examples Grades


This link contains examples of the curriculum from the FLASH program-grades 4-12.  (Of Note, grades 4-6 are not on the OSPI "compliance" list; however, we believe the curricula may  already be in use in the state.)


KNOW 5-6 Examples

Here are examples from KNOW HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum, Grades 5-6.  (Ages 9-11)


Updated OSPI Curricula List:  As of May 2020

Here is the "approved" list from OSPI.  This curricula meets the State requirements and is deemed age-appropriate and medically accurate for use in all school districts


KNOW 7-8 Examples

Here are examples from the KNOW HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Grades , 7-8. 

(Ages 11-13)


Updated OSPI Curricula List:  As of "Jul" 2020

 OSPI keeps updating their webpage and products as we point out what they are doing.  Here is the latest version (take two--the first version they tried to back date the disclaimers but we caught them. The date should be Oct 2020 as that is when they actually updated this product!)


Warning Letter from Child Sex Crimes Police Officer  

This police officer reached out to us, wanting to warn parents the the curricula follows the same sexualization principles sex offenders use.

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