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“I’d like to tell you what the sex education curriculum has done to our school in the last couple years. Feeling violated is our new norm. Sexual harassment is the new norm. Lack of respect is the new norm. Graphic details, pornographic images and inappropriate assignments have become a part of everyday...We deserve safe boundaries and we need you to provide them after all, we have to live with the laws you pass. Please vote no on this bill and protect our dignity.”

SARAH/8th Grade Student of OSPI FLASH Curriculum

“...FLASH (a curriculum approved by OSPI) claims to be a “comprehensive sex education program” that contains “medically and scientifically accurate” information, yet upon closer examination, it contains inaccurate information and only tells the partial truth about birth control and STDs.”

Dr. Michelle/ MD

“As a foster parent, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of sexual abuse in children. Kids victimized by sexual abuse are more likely to develop symptoms of drug abuse, PTSD and major depressive episodes. It’s us, the local community and parents who are the ones staying up in the middle of the night to help a child with the nightmares. We are the most consistent support system our children have. A government organization who doesn’t even know their names, can’t have the final say in what’s best for them.”

Mattie M,/Former WA Foster Parent

I'm a lifelong progressive and a big fan of comprehensive, developmentally appropriate sexuality education. It was a huge benefit in my life.


I can also recognize Orwellian doublespeak and a Trojan horse bill when I see it. I had to pull my daughter out of language arts last year because the entire first quarter was about "identity." My daughter was coming home every day, shaking with rage, because she was being taught in school that her REAL identity was her clothing, and could change from day to day. She was being required to write essays using resources that were in fundamental disagreement with our understanding of human worth and integrity.


It's bad enough when it's imposed at the local level. Imposing it at the state level makes it worse. The 3R curriculum is a corporate funded curriculum written with dubious intent. Big internet companies have a vested interest in shaping the sexuality of the next generation, and it has everything to do with profits.

Karen/Social Worker, Parent

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