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HB 1590 "Enrollment Stabilization" Still In Play--Write Your Reps-Vote No On This Funding!


This is the bill that would allow for status quo, public school funding regardless of student attrition rates.

Our State Superintendent seems to believe that low student enrollment is temporary and due to Covid; therefore, the state legislature should appropriate 2019 student enrollment funding for the schools even though 55,000 students left the system in the fall of 2021.

BTW- schools already received funding for those 55,000 students as they did not anticipate that drop. So what happened to the funds the Public Schools received for those 55,000 students but did not need to spend since the kids were never enrolled? We don't know!

We do know school test scores from last fall show a steep decline in academic learning in both math and reading. Additionally, public schools received Federal ESSR funds in the millions of dollars on the condition they would mask our children, socially distance them, promote vaccine clinics in the public schools, and focus on equity, diversity and inclusion.

If you ran your business on a model with failing results and fewer customers due to lousy service and client abuse, do you think your income would go up or down? Stop propping up a failing system with our tax dollars Olympia! Say NO to HB 1590!

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