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Pornography In Schools: Teachers Suffering In Fearful Silence

“One of the most disturbing aspects of the school board video is that the teachers in LISD felt compelled to testify under the condition of anonymity, opting instead to have their letters read aloud by parents and community members. According to at least 10 sources in LISD, including parents and teachers, a significant majority of LISD teachers (across the political spectrum) vehemently oppose the use of graphic sexual content in their classes. However, every teacher I spoke with stated unequivocally that they believe they would lose their job if they publicly dissented from the new curriculum.“

It can be scary to step out on your own and take a stand against the agenda’s being pushed in schools. That’s why forming local parent groups is going to be the most powerful and effective way to fight in your school district. There is power and strength in numbers. You can go under our events tab and find the event “Find Your Group” for a list of IPOW groups that have been started. The time is now.

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