Sen. Dean Takko Sponsored SB5395

At every grade level, the curriculum is age appropriate." That's what Sen. Dean Takko says in a recent letter to the editor in The Daily News and The Wahkiakum County Eagle. Sen. Takko was a sponsor of SB 5395. Is it possible he doesn't know what's in CSE curricula?

You might want to go to his FB page, Dean Takko for State Senate,

Also, go to the pages of the newspapers, and let them know what you think.


"Dean Takko is either badly informed or being purposefully deceptive re: SSB5395.

As someone who has been trained as an educator, I would have to disagree with Mr. Takko’s viewpoint.

I spent many hours researching the approved curricula on the OSPI website, including the links to supporting resources.

I would not be able to teach CSE to children of any age. There’s entirely too much curriculum-creation interference from Planned Parenthood.

Children need education, not indoctrination. The current sex-Ed curricula that have served well are a much better approach—science-based, factual, and sensitive to community standard"

"The bill looks innocent enough, which is why you tell people to read it instead of telling them to look at the approved curriculum. It's the approved curriculum that is the problem. It's there that teachers are told to have young teens role play inappropriate scenarios like try to convince the girl who wants to wait until marriage to have sex with you now or pretend you are a trans female (at that age would still have male genitals) who has a crush on a girl you've never kissed and discuss whether you two should have sex. This is not what we should be making our kids role play!"

"I find it interesting that the original bill was passed in the middle of the night. And much of the “age appropriate curriculum” needed explicit warnings on the broadcast to warn viewers. If a warning is needed about the explicitly of the content, HOW is that appropriate for ou