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Planned Parenthood Calls SB5395 "Our Bill"

Planned Parenthood called SB 5395 "our bill." Why not? Look at where their contributions go. And of course, the curricula make repeated mentions of Planned Parenthood (PP)--18 times in The 3Rs and a whopping 41 times in FLASH grades 4-12.

PP is always included in the resource list that goes to kids as young as 11, and is just one of the places they're told that they can get birth control, STD testing, and abortions without parental knowledge or consent. See page 24 for just one of the examples.

Flash curriculum examples:

Planned Parenthood's May newsletter provides parents videos to help them talk to their kids about sex while schools are closed, because they're helpful like that. Check out this animated video that gives parents tips for helping their teens wait to have sex. Ubu&index=13&t=0s

Then compare it to this video (not in the newsletter) aimed at teens to teach the latest hot topic, consent, featuring live actors who make out and fondle each other. Slightly different tones. As a bonus PP shares their current playlist titled Good Vibes: Songs About Masturbation--but only for those 18+.

Is Planned Parenthood a trusted, non-biased organization that you want teaching your child in school?

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