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Young People Are The Experts in Their Own Lives?

This is how Advocates for Youth, authors of the 3R’s curriculum, views parents and their roles in their children’s sexual education, health and well being.

"Young people are the experts in their own lives and are most equipped to decide who they will include in their care...A majority of Americans support young people's self autonomy and right to make decisions about their sexual and reproductive health without their parent's involvement...Activists must be in solidarity against the harmful parental involvement restrictions that can put their health and well being at risk."

CSE and their proponents completely ignore the science which tells us that until the age of 25, the human brain is not fully developed enough to process decisions with long term consequences, and puts CHILDREN in complete control over potentially life- altering decisions- even going so far as to champion legislation which seeks to remove parental knowledge or consent and allows doctors and schools to work with children to HIDE things from their parents.

This is the main crux of CSE. Minors in control. Pushing out the parents. Providing them with as many avenues as possible so they can pursue a sex life without parents ever needing to know.

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