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Who Decides What is Age Appropriate?

This is OSPI's idea of age-appropriate. And it's still on the approved curricula list. The 3 Rs Kindergarten lesson is attached.

We've been told by OSPI and legislators that CSE would not be required in K-3, that instruction in those grades would only be Social Emotional Learning (SEL). So when OSPI released its revised Reviewed Materials list in May, after the bill was passed and signed, you might have expected that The 3 Rs K-3 lessons would be removed. You would have been wrong.

It says sexuality education is not required. It doesn't say it's prohibited. And in the MSN article we posted earlier Rep. Stonier, the bill’s sponsor was quoted as having said a lot of the fears about the bill weren't based on facts and kindergartners would not be taught about reproduction; instead, their lessons would focus on good and bad touching and the differences between boys’ and girls’ bodies.

The 3 Rs Kindergarten Lesson 2 that tells 5-year-olds about "a very sensitive area called the clitoris," and gives teachers discretion to explain the sex act and boners to them is called Understanding Our Bodies--The Basics.

It doesn't mean every district will use this lesson, but they could and the only thing that would stop it are vigilant parents who will need to show up every year to see exactly what the district intends to teach their child.

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