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What Parents Need to Know about Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in Washington

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

What Is Comprehensive Sex Ed?

CSE is NOT sex-ed; it is sexuality education. In their framework for CSE,

International Planned Parenthood Federation states, “Our approach

includes an emphasis on sexual expression, sexual fulfillment, and sexual

pleasure. This represents a shift away from methodologies that focus

exclusively on the reproductive aspects of adolescent sexuality.”

(IPPF Framework for Comprehensive Sexuality Education; January 2010, IPPF: 4.)

CSE is NOT Age Appropriate or Medically Accurate.

Per law, OSPI must review all curricula to make sure it’s age-appropriate

and medically accurate. Two curricula already approved for school use by

OSPI are rife with graphic and exploitative content such as lessons that

instruct 4th graders to research wet dreams and penis size online,

ignoring the prevalence of online porn; teach kids that doctors assign

their sex at birth; tell teens the pull-out method is “free, always available,

and more effective than people think” without mentioning the 22% failure

rate; incorporate Playboy Magazine covers in their lesson plans; and a

litany of other irresponsible teaching decisions.*

WA Parents Don’t Consent to CSE.

According to a 2019 OSPI survey of more than 10,200 people , 58% of

respondents are opposed to CSE.

(OSPI, Sexual Health Workgroup Recommendations, Reports 2019: 27.)

The Parental Opt-Out Clause Offers False Security.

Parents can opt their children out of classroom instruction that’s

specifically labeled “CSE,” but a loophole in the bill allows CSE to be

integrated into other subjects from which students cannot opt-out. Laurie

Dils, Sexual Health Education Program Supervisor with OSPI, is on record

saying that this is her vision for CSE.

It’s also impossible to opt kids out of the inevitable culture shift that

occurs in schools with CSE. One female student recently testified

claiming, “Opting out isn’t really an option. Anyone who does that gets

bullied even more.”

“School Choice” in Curriculum Selection is Misleading.

School districts are allowed to create their own curriculum as long as it

meets OSPI’s criteria, but they receive no funding or resources from the

state. The high cost of implementing an entire curriculum across all

schools and grades will force many districts to choose a free curriculum

like The 3 R’s.

CSE is Ineffective.

As more school districts across the nation have adopted CSE curricula,

the CDC shows a corresponding rise in STDs among teens in the US.

(CDC, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance, 2018.)

A 2015 CDC study also found emergency contraception use in teens more than doubled from 2002.

In Washington State, CSE is the ONLY mandated curriculum,

while huge numbers of students are failing math, science,

and English.

According to the 2019 OSPI Report Card:

• Only 48.9% of students meet math standards

• 59.6% of students meet ELA standards

• 46.7% of students meet science standards

• 45.7% of kindergarteners show readiness in all areas of

developmental learning.

Why does the OSPI think funding lessons on gender unicorns

and masturbation tutorials is more important than improving

literacy and helping students graduate?

Why is CSE taking precedence over all other subjects?

* Curricula examples taken from OSPI approved FLASH and Rights,

Respect, and Responsibility (The 3 Rs).

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