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What is Outercourse? 7-9th grade Curriculum

Think The 3 Rs suggesting bathing together and mutual masturbation to 7th graders was a one-off? It wasn't. In a lesson titled Redefining Abstinence, Our Whole Lives, for grades 7-9, makes the same suggestions and more. This is why just picking another curriculum doesn't solve the problem. CSE IS the problem.

"Outercourse is lovemaking without penetration into a vagina or anus (or a mouth). It allows couples to be sexual, more intimate, and even orgasmic with one another without having sexual intercourse. With outercourse, no semen, vaginal fluids, or blood is shared between partners. As a result, outercourse protects against pregnancy and some sexually transmitted infections (STI's)

"Some Outercourse pleasuring possibilities include hot talk, sexy stares, erotic fantasy, spicy role-plays, sensual massage, showering or bathing together, strip-tease, mutual masturbation, phone or email sex, and dry sex (aka dry humping or frottage)

"Outercourse is useful

when people choose to abstain from sex and are not ready for intercourse yet

one partner doesn't feel like having intercourse

as another sexual option for partners who have already had intercourse

If a partner doesn't want to be penetrated

if a partner is sore or has an infection

if people don't have condoms or any other birth control

if a woman partner has her period

just for a change"

Unit 5 Responsible Sexual Behavior for 2-9th graders.

Is this what you want your child being taught?

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