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This Isn't Teaching Sex????

To see what they would allow to be taught in schools you can't just, "read the bill." You have to go and find the curricula that OSPI has on their reviewed list. That's what we did. This is what we found.

Reykdal talking to the Washington State Senate on Comprehensive Sex Education (February 13, 2019): Our standards by grade level never promote sex, it does not teach sex.

It is already there!

"Our Whole Lives" Facilitator Resource 38, Workshop 17: Lovemaking Grades 8-9

"Anal intercourse typically refers to the insertion of a penis into the anus, while anal sex includes anal penetration by a penis, finger dado, or other object. Individuals of any sex or gender might engage in and enjoy anal sex. The anus is an erogenous zone, meaning that it contains sensory nerve endings. Some people of different sexes and orientations enjoy having the anus caressed, licked, or penetrated. Because the anus is tight and dry, it might be lubricated with water-based lubricant before being entered. (Oil-based lubricants will damage condoms) The sphincter muscles should be relaxed with finger massage before penetration."

Is this what you want your child being taught in school?

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