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Teachers: Embrace Pleasure

This is how Planned Parenthood trains Educators to prepare for teaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education to their minor students.

Hey, Teachers! You ok with this?


"Teacher here!

Heeellllll NO!! They can take this curriculum and shove it where the sun don’t shine! I’m not being polite anymore! This is propaganda as grooming of children. It’s no ones business what a teachers private life is, nor do they get to tell us anything about what to be comfortable with. This infuriates me!

I will never teach this in my classroom - they can fire me first."

"certified PE teacher here...Thank you to all the teachers who are done being silent on this abomination! I am not enrolled in a Public School presently, but what do you see is the best way for teachers to unite against this? Esp when it's largely union driven. So many educators are complicit by their silence"

"that’s a great question and one that I’m still working on. I will be canceling my union membership first and foremost. Speaking at school board meeting and to our admin staff at school are my current ideas. I’m open to any other ideas!"

"Parents, you have the option to ask for the curriculums that will be taught in the health class for your student this fall. Please request it and be involved in what your school is teaching your students"

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Stay Informed! Get Involved! Protect the children!

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