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Stop punishing kids with your wokeness

Are the methods achieving the stated goals?

That’s really the problem with everything being pushed on our children right now. What “they” SAY they want to do sounds reasonable... the problem is HOW they implement their plan.

CSE is supposed to keep kids safe and prevent abuse. Instead it sexualizes our children, encourages sexual activity and creates a gulf between parents and children.

CRT is supposed to uplift our BIPOC community and help all children see themselves positively represented in history. Instead it divides children into classes of oppressed and oppressor and burdens them with feelings of either guilt or blame.

SEL is intended to teach children empathy, instead it is used to push ideologies and create activists. Now that dedication to empathy is placing our children in danger.

Either they’re carefully wording their lies so that their true intent is hidden...or they are just completely out of touch with what is acceptable.

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