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SEPAC - Sex Education Policy Action Council "Sex-ED For Social Change"

Informed Parents are Empowered Parents. This whole movement began when parents decided to look behind the curtain of CSE and SB5395.

Below is what one parent uncovered while looking further into the OSPI link to these social advocacy groups pushing CSE in our state, our country, and around the world.

Meet SIECUS. One of the originators of the CSE method.

They think our law allows parents to have TOO much say over their kids sex education (Gee, we're only their parents and it's only our tax money. Who do we think we are?).

Our OSPI recently became one of the first members in Washington State of their new political advocacy arm, SEPAC.

How does SIECUS plan to use this collaboration?

" These relationships will provide SIECUS with an invaluable opportunity to monitor and affect state legislation. And, as Congress often listens best to their own constituents, advocacy for comprehensive sexuality education will have increased strength coming from the diverse voices of SEPAC members."

They're going to use our OSPI to take this Federal. Thanks, Reykdal!

“Friends, I think you all have the right to know that I discovered recently that our OSPI is a member of SEPAC. That will not bother some people at all, but it is concerning to me.

Who or what is SEPAC?

Well, in 1964 Planned Parenthood formed the organization, SIECUS, to help implement Comprehensive Sexual Education through all levels of society.

You can read all about it on the SIECUS home page in their, "About us" and "history" page. I strongly encourage you to do that.

Most recently, SIECUS then organized another organization called, SEPAC, or Sex Education Policy Action Council. This organization has been formed, again, to further move the agenda of CSE forward into all levels of society. The motto of SIECUS, after all, is "Sex Ed for Social Change."

In any case, as I was reading through more information about SEPAC, I found this PDF from 2019 showing a list of current members of that organization.

The only OSPI member in the United States is Washington State's own, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I'm sure you can understand on your own the bias incurred by this alignment.

Is it the place of OSPI to make a law requiring the implementation of curricula, which openly admits is to bring about, "social change?"

Further to make it a law to use only curricula based on CSE methodology, which was created by Planned Parenthood and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which they, themselves are directly affiliated with as a member of SEPAC?

Should our public, tax-payer-funded schools be a place where one group should be able to push their own political agenda by indoctrinating our children and youth no matter what that agenda is?

Is it any wonder that OSPI didn't listen at ALL to the outraged parents about their concerns over this law when OSPI is actually a member of SEPAC?

I am angry.

Our children do not belong to the government and they should NEVER be used as a way to, "bring about social change" in our PUBLIC schools.

I recommend strongly that you look up SIECUS and SEPAC and understand what their agenda for that change looks like.

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