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Bill On Year Round School - Comment Now!

This one slipped by and had it’s first public hearing on the 18th.

SB 5147 would create a pilot program to introduce year round school to Washington State. It proposes extending the school year to encompasss all 12 months and gives leeway to extend the number of required days from 180 to 210.

While this move may eliminate a financial burden for families who have to cover childcare costs during the summer months (keep in mind that this will increase taxes), seeing exactly WHAT they want to teach our children makes it imperative they get no more time than they already have.

Follow the links to read the proposed law and make sure to to log a comment!

Jan 27

Scheduled for executive session in the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education at 10:30 AM (Subject to change). (Committee Materials)

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