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Paying for Sex is assumed

THIS is why. Because in the CSE method, “social justice” is a bigger issue than safety.

No Comprehensive Sexual Education!!!

Below are the stories of nine couples who did not use condoms correctly. For each one, think about what would have helped this person or couple....

Couple 1: a 17-year-old girl is having sex with a 25-year-old man who gives her gifts and sometimes gives her money to help with her expenses. Sometimes he uses condoms, but this time he doesn't have a condom with him. She thinks that they should wait and have sex another time, but he promises it will be okay without a condom. She already took money from him this week, so she feels she cannot refuse. They have sex without the condom."

According to this lesson from the OSPI approved curriculum, "It's All One", the problem in this scenario is the barrier to using a condom, NOT the fact that there is a 25-year-old man PAYING a minor, girl for sex!

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