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Keep Current With Legislative Bills

Hearing Wednesday, Jan 13 at 10:30am via

SB 5030

Developing comprehensive school counseling programs.

SB 5044

Concerning professional learning, equity, cultural competency, and dismantling institutional racism in the public school system.

Link on how to register to testify remotely

It is VERY easy to let the legislature know that you are against these bills. Go to Once you get there, you will choose next to the word Committee: the early learning &k-12 education committee, it will then prompt for the date in a drop-down box. click on 1/13/2021, both of these bills will showup-you click the one want-on my computer the 'selected item looks like a box shape' and it highlights the line. Once you select the bill, there are 3 choices. Submit written testimony, provide live testimony, or I would like my position noted. This 3rd option of notating position is similar to driving all the way to olympia, and signing in to a kiosk to indicate your position on the bill. It is so easy to do this now. Please go online, and state your position to this bill. This is the most effective way to get the committee's attention. Let them know we are watching. Please share with family & friends to have them submit their position, and/or provide written comments.

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