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Join the Richland School District Materials Committee

If you live in the Richland School District, here is your opportunity to impact what curriculum the students will be taught from.

Parents, this is the next step we would have needed to take even if R90 was successful. They will continue their two-pronged attack of trying to force their agenda’s at both the state and local level and so we MUST get engaged and fill crucial positions to counteract their efforts.

Call your district and see how you can get involved in this process. Join PTA. Start a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). Attend school board meetings (even virtually). Run for positions! Join your local IPoW group and band together to spread out the work.

You CAN do this!

Want to help ensure we have the best learning materials for our students? Join our Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)! The IMC reviews proposed instructional materials and is preparing to consider those for AP Statistics, and Middle and High School Science. Meetings will be conducted remotely. Those interested in joining the IMC must complete and submit the online application by Jan. 22 to be considered: Questions? Contact Erika Doyle at or (509) 967-6069.

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