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"It's Perfectly Normal"

Incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, who is up for election this November, is sued his opponent, Maia Espinoza, for a statement made about him in her proposed upcoming voter pamphlet guide. (and lost)

From Seattle Times “Reykdal is asking that Espinoza, a Lakewood business owner and newcomer to state elective office, remove a line from her statement that says: “The incumbent ignored parents and educators by championing a policy that teaches sexual positions to 4th graders!”

Maia’s statement is based on the OSPI’s approved use of the 3R’s curriculum in which the book, It’s Perfectly Normal, is listed on a handout to be given to parents/caregivers by teachers. The handout tells parents/caregivers that all the listed materials contain “important, age appropriate information” for their 9yr old's and instructs them to review the materials first so they feel ready to answer any questions they may have.

That sounds more like a homework assignment than a suggestion. And how many parents would question the appropriateness of a book when it is listed within a curriculum that has been reviewed by OSPI, rubber stamped as age appropriate and when the recommendation is coming directly from a trusted teacher?

The book does indeed show pictures of sexual positions and masturbation -in cartoon drawings of course to make them light, fun and relatable for the kiddo’s. (Pics from book are NOT blacked out in real life)

Later lessons within the 3R’s introduces students to the website Scarleteen through which they will be exposed to the gamut of sexual related discussions as well as vicariously introduced to the book S.E.X where they can learn about BDSM, fisting and bloodplay. No warnings to parents proceed those lessons.

Assuming OSPI did their due diligence and researched the supplemental materials within the curriculums they rubber stamped for statewide use, doesn’t that make them responsible for the subjects and themes introduced to students within those supplemental materials?

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