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Introduce Kids to Sexual Websites

One of the sneakiest ways they introduce sexualized content to kids in the CSE method is by suggesting outside resources.

Take this lesson from the 3R's which directs kids to various sites, including one called Scarleteen. Notice how they encourage them to use their phones if allowed? A convenient way to get it in their browsing history.

Know what they'll find if the decide to check it out more on their own after class?

Things like this: Instructions on how to make DIY Sex toys out of household items.

Did you know an electric toothbrush can double as a vibrator if you're by yourself?

Or if you have a partner, a wooden stick, some rubber bands and a bit of string later and you can have yourself a BDSM flogger.

This is not sex ed for school. This is not ok. REJECT R90!!!

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