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Informed Parents Threatened with Copyright Lawsuit For Posting Examples Of Curriculum

People have a claimed that the curricula examples we post are fake. But yesterday we revealed that we've been threatened with a copyright lawsuit for posting examples by one of the developers. Clearly, not fake.

We've heard over and over from Superintendent Chris Reykdal and other supporters that children will not be taught sexual positions... but when he sued his challenger, Maia Espinoza, for statements made in her voter pamphlet write-up, he lost his case in the Supreme Court.

In their ruling, they said:

“…the reference materials included in the 3R’s curriculum provided on the superintendent’s website could inform fourth graders of different sexual positions…”

“…the policy could result in unintentionally exposing fourth graders to depictions of, and thus ‘teaching’ them, different sexual positions.”

That's just ONE example from ONE of the curricula OSPI put on their list for schools to use.

This is not a joke.

This is not a game.

We have been telling the truth when we've exposed the Pandora's box this sex ed mandate will open.

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