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Do you want your children taught curriculum that normalizes prostitution?

OSPI says districts can choose which CSE curriculum they use as long as it meets the requirements. They review curricula and publish a list of those that fulfill the requirements.

So if you convince your district to bypass FLASH and The 3 Rs, the good news is that there's more to choose from. The bad news is that from what we've seen, there's little significant difference.

Take It's All One, created by a working group comprised of representatives from several organizations including the International Planned Parenthood Federation, whose framework calls for CSE with an "emphasis on sexual expression, sexual fulfillment, and pleasure."

Here's one example where "sex work" (aka prostitution) is presented as a possible career choice.

Do you want your children taught curriculum that normalizes prostitution and the idea of teens exchanging sex for cash or gifts, as in the sidebar?

And as the case in other curricula, they fail to tell kids about the downside. There's no mention of the fact that sex workers experience high levels of sexual violence with a 45 to 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence at some point in their careers.

Keep sending a strong message to OSPI and legislators! We can't let up, our kids are too important!

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