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DISGUSTING: What Schools are Teaching Will DESTROY Your Kids

There's a new kind of education being pushed in schools all across the nation that can only be described as DISGUSTING. As in, if I were to re-share the images with you without blurring, I could be lawfully prosecuted for endangering children. America: we're at the end of the road. We MUST stand up, because there's more than precious freedom at stake. Now, our children are in danger. And if Biden wins, we'll face something far worse than the loss of our voice: we'll lose our children to darkness.

Schools can show your children material that would land an individual in jail. Glenn Beck and sex trafficking expert Jaco Booyens discuss the loophole in the obscenity law and the way CSE normalizes the sexualization of children.

Glen Beck and Jaco Booyens discussing CA new law SB145 and Comprehensive Sexual Education is absolutely related by design to normalize he sexualization of children, lower the age of consent and classify pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

This is the alarm we have been sounding and now we are hearing it from a man who fights sex trafficking on a global level.

What the full episode on Blaze TV . If your not signed up use their 30 day trial free to watch.[0]=AZX0f9ms17ulwzzo5tQUfDYp2MtcQEUs5yPNwVXF818W4j3N_HYFZPmJT-aANrg9zThUuXPM03X_XCszwY4red1QnY0k47gAnFN9-ie9bIaHHQjzmdH-3WaR5Z4Jpl_s7iId0VxTJ8Ywx7jwi3JxFA0r8IjF3mP4M_MyWOKhVdp8y5AVcyRCMYsOZeSOXTH56YE&__tn__=-UK-R

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