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Consent Is an Area That Can Be Exploited

Affirmative Consent is all the buzz in CSE circles. Supporters claim it’s vitally important to teach consent to children.

But there’s a big difference in teaching good touch/bad touch and engaging middle and high-schoolers in endless role-playing exercises that make underage teen sex seem like the norm.

And before you point out that teens have sex, we know. We also know the numbers. Only 2% of 12-year-olds have had sex. Among teen females aged 15-19, 42% have ever had sex, and for teen males, it’s 44%.

In addition to the push for consent, we also see advocates, including those in high positions at OSPI, saying CSE should focus on pleasure; the WHO sex-ed guidelines calling for teaching masturbation to 4-year-olds; a California teacher on tape saying it’s necessary to teach kids about pederasty because it was in history; and the California legislature currently considering a bill that would reduce penalties for adults having sex with children as long as they’re within 10 years of age of each other.

Bit by bit protections for children are evaporating. After all, if children can be informed and consent why would there even be a need to have an age of consent?

However well-intentioned it might be, consent is an area that can be exploited, putting children in danger. If you don’t think so listen to these two pedophiles pushing to teach CSE and consent to children: “It’s an obligation of society to see that children are given a far more comprehensive sexual education and from a far earlier age.” “A child is able to recognize a pleasurable experience…he is able to express consent and to recognize that this is something he wishes to continue.”


"Of course kids are becoming sexually active at an earlier age. With CSE it shouldn't be a surprise. And if you're trying to say kids need CSE to prevent STDs we already know that's been a colossal failure. Rates have skyrocketed as sex-ed has become more explicit. Teen pregnancy rates are down as kids are using more effective means of birth control. Use of the morning after pill has also more than doubled."

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