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Catholic Bishops Oppose SB5395

For all the Catholics engaged in this effort:

Great News from the WSCC and the Bishops!! The WSCC has emailed all parish priests, encouraging voter registration and messaging "Check Reject on R90 This November" but nothing will happen unless you engage your priest!!

Fliers and approval letter, along with Church guidance, can be found in link below.

Help us spread the word to every practicing Catholic to "Check Reject on R90" this November.

It's so gratifying to see churches stepping up to help us protect children. The Washington State Catholic Conference has released a video and talking points. Bishop Mueggenborg explains why Catholics should sign petitions to repeal Referendum 90 and reject the new Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) law. He also outlines safety guidelines for setting up petition stations at your parish:

What Catholics Should Know About Referendum-90 (R-90)

Repeal the New Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) Law, formerly SB 5395

· Washington’s bishops support signing R-90. R-90 will put a measure on the fall ballot so voters can reject the new Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) law.

· Current curriculum is not in line with Catholic teaching. It does not adequately address complex moral issues tied to human sexuality nor properly discuss sex in the context of marriage.

· Current law does not ensure meaningful curriculum review by parents and guardians nor provide for public comment prior to implementation.

· Local communities cannot protect their own values. Locally elected school boards cannot fully determine their own policy in this sensitive area.

· The law requires “affirmative consent curriculum” defined as “a conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity as a requirement before sexual activity.” This requirement is not in accordance with church teaching that sexual activity be reserved for marriage.

· Over 130,000 public school students in the state do not speak English at home. There is no plan to communicate the new curriculum or opt out information to these families.

· Parents can opt their children out of classroom instruction, but they cannot opt them out of school yard discussions and the culture change that may take place at school.

· Districts can create their own curriculum based on 2005 Health Standards. However, the CSHE mandate is unfunded. Consequently, districts may be more inclined to use existing state curriculum that is not aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

· “The right of parents to ... educate their children in the bosom of the family must be safeguarded.” Gaudium et Spes,The Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World, no. 52, from the Second Vatican Council.

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