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Can You Opt Out of the Sex-ed Curriculum?

"You know you can literally just opt out, right?"

I've heard this ad nauseam since battling the invasive CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) law, 5395.

That will be hard to do if your school decides to select the FLASH curriculum and integrates sexual health education into other learning areas like English class or Drama or Art.

SB 5395, the law passed which mandated Comprehensive Sex Ed, says that there is “no legislative intent” to integrate CSE into other subjects... but that doesn’t mean they can’t. So if your school chooses to integrate CSE into other subjects like Math or Language Arts (the FLASH Curriculum even gives them suggestions on how to do it) how do you opt your kids out of that?

An amendment was put forward by House Republicans that would prohibit that practice, but House Democrats voted it down. That's not partisian; that's just facts.

Laurie Dils, the main over seer of sex-ed at OSPI, was caught on camera at a Planned Parenthood event stating publicly that it is, in fact, her hope that CSE will be integrated across all learning areas.

So, can you really "opt your kids out?"

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