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Birth Control for 5th Graders???

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

As if Advocates for Youth wasn’t disturbing enough with their Comprehensive Sexual Education curriculum, the 3R’s, which tells 13 yr olds that bathing together is important for building connections in relations...

Now they are recruiting children ages 11-15 to participate in a study to help get birth control in every drug store in America without a prescription and with NO age restrictions.

That’s right! Advocates for Youth wants your child in 5th-9th grade to be able to walk into a drug store and with no questions asked, purchase birth control.

EXCUSE US?! If an 11yr old MINOR CHILD asks for birth control, SOMEBODY better ask some questions.

It’s gets even more gross. For their participation in their survey, the study will pay your kid $75.00. They even have the opportunity to get the birth control and the end of the survey!

Aren’t a kid or don’t have one? No problem! Send their email link to a teacher you know so they can recruit their 5th-9th grade STUDENTS!!

This vile organization, which doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that they want to normalize the sexual activity of children, is supported by our own OSPI! They allow schools to teach our kids from their 3R’s curriculum- the only curriculum STILL listed as ok to teach to kindergarteners even though CSE is supposed to be taught via SEL at that age. Leaving it on the lists gives schools the options to use it for our littles babes.

ENOUGH!!! Our OSPI needs to sever ties with Advocates for Youth and their affiliates.

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