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Bills to Support

List Of Bills To Support As parents, our radars have been up for the negative and the things that we need to fight against.

We need to remember that many of our lawmakers draft some great bills that we can SUPPORT too.

Here is a list of BILLS below that we recommend to SUPPORT: SB 5374 New Bill Alert Requiring students to study political systems and the negative effects of communism “The study of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Washington shall be a condition prerequisite to graduation from the public and private high schools of this state. The study of the history and negative effects of communism, including the number of deaths under communist leaders, shall be a condition prerequisite to graduation from the public high schools of this state.”

HB 1302 Concerning college in the high school programs. Providing for high school students to take college level courses for dual high school/college credit at the high school location. The student may be charged the necessary college fees, but this is a good bill that families can get behind.

HB 1121 Concerning the emergency waiver of graduation requirements. The State Board of Education may authorize districts to grant individual student emergency waivers of graduation requirements, while also working with the students to fulfill requirements.

HB 1162 Concerning high school graduation credit and pathway options. High School graduation – by request from State Board of Education. Allows districts to waive up to two credits from the graduation requirements for individual students. This is separate from any COVID19 waivers.

SB 6265 Creating a bridge year pilot program. Creating a bridge year pilot program to help students who have fallen behind during the last two years.

HB 1235 Exempting school districts from the state portion of sales and use taxes on school construction

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