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Amaze Encourages Kids to Go Around Their Parents

If you’ve followed us for awhile you know about Amaze videos, the amaze-ingly graphic videos linked right on OSPI’s site.

Just like the CSE curricula we’ve seen, Amaze encourages kids to go around their parents for information and help. One video, “Accessing Sexual Health Care for Minors” is recommended for kids as young as seven and discusses accessing birth control/Emergency Contraception, STD and HIV testing/treatment, accessing the HPV vaccine, and gynecological exams. The video suggests seeking sexual health care from a school clinic, health department, hospital or Planned Parenthood and instructs children (7-year-olds!) how to avoid parental involvement. Watch the girl in the video slink by her parents’ door on her way to get sexual health care.

Another video, “Puberty: What is Doctor Confidentiality?” tells kids they have the right to privacy for pregnancy, STD, HIV, and substance abuse problems , “Just make sure you ask your doctor to keep it confidential, because they’re cool like that.”

Both these videos link to another, “Finding An Adult You Can Trust”, which sounds a lot like shopping for the adult who will tell you what you want to hear.

Gaining a child's trust and separating them from the parents who love and care for them also happens to be the first step in grooming children. As noted child sexual abuse expert Dr. Judith Reisman says, "Sex education as it is designed today fits the FBI definition of grooming by pedophile. "

Why is our OSPI collaborating with organizations that are training our own children to sidestep us in some of the most important decisions of their lives?

You can check it out for yourself.

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