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A Child Any Age Can Get An Abortion Without Parental Consent

Washington State has a parental rights problem.

Did you know that in Washington, a child at ANY age can get an abortion without parental consent?

ANY AGE. Let that sink in.

How convenient that the people likely performing these abortions are mentioned over 40 times in the FLASH CSE curriculum, the mostly widely used curriculum in WA state.

But we thought CSE was to prevent abuse? No one is questioning when/where and with whom a young girl is having sex? No notification to her parents? Authorities? If you wondered how they handle these situations, this video might help.


"Regarding the lack of required parental consent, I heard Patty Murray say once that this was an important step for women's health. The problem is, these aren't women. They are legally minors, and abortions are not without risk. We truly have to raise our girls to know there are plenty of people in high places willing to risk girls' emotional and physical wellbeing for ideology."

"Yeah tell me about it. But this week I was out of state and my 17 year old daughter who will be 18 in 4 months, was refused care at Multicare urgent care because she didn’t have an adult with her. She was developing cellulitis from a bug bite. The doctor I spoke with even said he could see her for STD or pregnancy related concerns but refused to see her for that."

"Please listen to this talk by a former planned parenthood sex educator."

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